Fall Flowers for Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations

Fall is the time to get ready for Thanksgiving, one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, as the leaves start to change and the air gets chilly. Thanksgiving outside decorations are quite important, even if the delicious feast that lies ahead of us usually gets most of the attention.

  • Fall Flowers

A pleasant, inviting atmosphere and enhanced outdoor space can be achieved with the help of fall flowers. In this blog, we'll look at the best fall flowers available at Miami Beach flower shop for your outdoor Thanksgiving décor.

Chrysanthemums (Mums)

Great additions to your Thanksgiving décor, chrysanthemums, often known as mums, are a classic fall flower. Mums, available in red, orange, and yellow from Flower Delivery Bal Harbour, symbolize the season. These flowers are ideal for outdoor settings because they are hardy and visually pleasing. Place potted mums on your front porch or in attractive planters to greet guests with color.


Another traditional flower for Thanksgiving that captures the essence of the occasion is the sunflower. Their cheerful yellow petals add a bit of happiness to your outdoor Thanksgiving décor. In vases, wreaths, and larger centerpieces, these flowers look great. When combined with gourds, pumpkins, and other seasonal elements, sunflowers enrich a rustic outdoor décor.


Because of their striking colors and exquisite blossoms, dahlias make excellent outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. They come in deep burgundy, rich purples, and fiery oranges. Thanksgiving flower arrangements with dahlias can be striking and elegant, bringing a touch of class to your outdoor area. Dahlias add refinement to Thanksgiving decor, whether you use them as centerpieces or in entryway vases.

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Although carnations aren't typically associated with fall, their durability and cost-effectiveness make them a sensible option for outdoor Thanksgiving décor. These happy Thanksgiving flowers come in hues that go well with the fall color scheme, such as rich red, orange, and brown. Carnations complement wreaths and garlands, adding a splash of color and texture to any design. They look great in both tiny and large arrangements.

Ornamental Grasses

While ornamental grasses are not fall flowers, they can lend texture and interest to outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. For lovely, rustic displays, you can plant grasses like purple fountain grass and fountain grass in pots or straight in the ground. Their fluffy plumes bend gently in the autumn breeze, adding mystery to your design.


Fall is the perfect time to grow pansies since they are resilient to cold weather. Thanksgiving flower delivery will help you get deep purples, rich oranges, and delicate yellows varieties of it. Pansies are ideal for planting in planters, window boxes, and hanging baskets. Their bright and rather quirky appearance can bring some humor to your outdoor Thanksgiving décor.

Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susans)

Native to North America, rudbeckia, often called Black-Eyed Susans, have a rustic, wildflower-like beauty. Their dark cores and golden-yellow petals produce a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Black-Eyed Susans can be used in garden beds, as a fall bouquet flower, or as part of a larger arrangement in a colorful container. They are a great option for pulling off that classic fall aesthetic.

Heathers and Heaths

Heathers and heaths are low-growing, evergreen plants that bloom brightly in the fall. If you're planning to send Thanksgiving flowers, consider including heaths and heathers in your arrangement. They offer texture and color in pink, purple, and white. They look beautiful in outdoor planters or in fall bouquets with other flowers.

These flowers can be used together to make beautiful arrangements or used individually to suit your tastes. Celebrate Thanksgiving by decorating your outside space with beautiful blooms from Pistils and Petals Farm Direct.